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Soup up Norton

Made Zé bike .

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Ford 100 cv 1947

Parts and parts ...

Slowdive and Triumph Bonny 1971

Slow music and fast bike.

Ford AA 1929

The truck is the one.

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Brooklyn Invitational bike show 2011, Sept. 17 !!!


Next year is gonna be September 17, 2011. 3rd Annual

final line-up

Bikes by:

Aki Sakamoto
Andy Camay
Caleb Owens
Dave Roper
Dean Micetich
Duane Ballard
Jeff Wright
Jeremiah Arementa
Keino Sasaki
Kutty Noteboom
Lock Baker
Max Schaaf
Michael Barragan
Paul Cox
Paul Wideman
Rich Phillips
Shinya Kimura
Tom Fugle
Walt Siegl

"Sholver" Harley

Chico Harley shovel.

Triumph 100 1949

Quim bike.

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New Triumph

Quim's new bike.

Portugal Mongolia on a bmw

My friend Joao is now somewhere in middle asia, still a "few" Km`s to reach Russia pacific coast. He left Lisbon 8 weeks ago and made some friends on the way , two english blokes with a very cool travel page , to know more check link.


Doença !!!

Sadly not cars and motorcycles needs attention, last january i suffer a stroke (still recovering) and as I ,the blog are a litTle to slow, from now on I will try to keep it on.

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T100 special

This one was one of Zé Ferreira finest bikes. Take note of the transformations...


Mata-ratos em 1988 no RRV.
At full throttle in a time we all lived faster than bullets.

domingo, 9 de janeiro de 2011

Bad news travel fast - RIP Johnny

Sorry to let You know that Johnny Routlege left us some days ago.
He was active in some know net forums (slowrider) and an huge HD 45 user and abuser. We all were always grateful to take in his views on the stuff he mastered.
We were hoping that he would come with some other 45 friends to Portugal this summer and meet him and his very personal 45...
RIP Johnny

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Que diferença da Boa Sucata Armada!!! Top of the game.

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Dig this one

Awesome this one.
Take your time!!!