terça-feira, 28 de setembro de 2010

Fat Fred cab !!!

This one was rotting away in a back street patio. Found it, draged it out, and got it to work. Always a work in progress for Quim. Named it Fat Fred's Towing truck - chico tahnks for logo!!!

domingo, 26 de setembro de 2010

1970 TR6R TRI

Came all in parts from the streets of NYC to one of the first ZeFerreira workshops. One of Ze favourite bikes. He rode it with us to Faro rally for two years after completion. Did it for Mr. V. Happy trails Mr. V !!!

Cães Vadios at full blast in the eigthies!!!

Used to carry a camera to concerts. This ones were taken on stage with CV, one of the best Oporto bands ever, in RRV in the eighties.

1955 T100 TRI

Me and one of the TRIs some years ago. This one was a basket of rusty parts when we begun with it.

Lets jump!!!

This one was found nearly dead and was put together by Ze Ferreira for Jorge, to use in vintage trail rides. Note the special frame and front forks. Beauty !!!

terça-feira, 21 de setembro de 2010

Linemup 2

Try to upgrade that!!!

sexta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2010

Bobber before bobbers

From the time when bobbers were just bobbed 45's - Zé Luis is an artist and a biker from the old days and ways. Here's a shot of him in the 80's with his bobbed 45. Always ride in style!!!

Biker art

This is from a long time acquaintance Zé Luís, an artist that draws biker inspirated art - portrait of other long time acquaintance Arriaga!!!

Linemup !!!

the sort of line i like...

domingo, 5 de setembro de 2010

PREMONITION Vídeo by wino

PREMONITION Vídeo by wino

Prayer for the Night by wino

Prayer for the Night by wino

From the master of creeping doom!!!

Sintra 2010

Some of the bikes there. My TR6 took the fall on the way back...

Summers past

Try to ride a bike across that beach!!!